Hi, I'm Lovely Simmon.

The Manifest Coach

Are you feeling stuck and need help figuring out your life?

• Do you feel lost and unsure of your purpose in life? Maybe you've had opportunities, but you talked yourself out of taking action. You don't know how to move forward and achieve what you truly desire.

• You know the importance of caring for your health, but you've struggled to progress. Despite trying different healthy meal choices, yoga, exercise, and meditation, unhealthy patterns persist.

• You have big dreams for your career and crave happiness, joy, and fulfillment, but you feel STUCK. You may know what steps to take, but you fear making a mistake or not achieving perfection.

• You dream of starting or growing your business. You may have tried various marketing strategies, but NOTHING works. So, you get STUCK overthinking and dwelling on past mistakes.

I'm here for you....

If you feel trapped in your current situation, frustrated with where you are, and unsure how to move forward.

Don't despair; you're not alone.

Many people experience this feeling of being STUCK at some point — whether within their personal or professional lives.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to break free and start living a more fulfilling life.


Choose from my business coaching options.

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Lovely Simmon - The Manifest Coach

Let me help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I'm Lovely Simmon, a Certified Life, Health, and Business Coach with over 5 years of experience helping clients to Manifest the Life, Health, and Business of Your Dreams!

About Lovely Simmon
  • Step #1

    Book a session, and I'll help you to identify what's causing you to be stuck. We'll create a plan of action.

  • Step #2

    I'll help you set realistic goals to make your dreams come alive.

  • Step #3

    I'll help you to maintain your goals.

Want to start your own business?

I’m here to help with everything that you need to start your business.

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